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Rights Australia is one such credible law firm that could fulfill your requirements. We have a team of professionals working with us who are experts in their fields and may be best suited to guide you through matters of legal import.


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The legal experts at Rights Australia can provide you with valuable advice on any specific area of law. You can arrange for meetings by setting up prior appointments and may meet with the relevant people concerned with your particular problem. If the matter is unusually complicated, then we can also arrange for you to meet with a range of different experts from different departments so as to provide you with the most reliable experience possible.

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Official and legal documents can be very difficult to deal with, but luckily, we can help you with the compilation and review of important documents such as wills and business contracts as well. This ensures that your legal interests are safeguarded at all times.

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When and How to Contest a Will

Being entirely left out of the Will, on top of grieving for the loss of a loved one, is probably be one of the worst-case scenarios for anyone. When this happens, how to contest a Will of a deceased loved one is the obvious choice.

However, contesting a Will is a long, steep, and arduous journey, emotionally and financially. Yet, it is the only legal way to rectify the mistake of being left entirely out of the Will, or not given a fair share you feel you ought to have.

Being able to know and understand when and how to contest a Will helps you to take the proper legal steps.

Do you have legal standing?

A lecturer has stated that successfully contesting a Will rarely happens. It means that contesting a Will is approached with extreme caution. The first step is to determine if you have the legal standing to challenge the Will of the deceased loved one.

The right to contest a will belongs to the following people:

  • You are considered as the rightful heir if there were no intestacy law and Will applied. Rightful heirs include parents, children, spouses, siblings, and other family members of the deceased.
  • A prior Will designated you as a beneficiary
  • The current Will designates you as the beneficiary
  • The new Will being questioned show you as the beneficiary

When is the right time to contest a will?

Establishing your legal standing to challenge a Will is only the first step. The next step is to prove that you have a legal reason or “grounds” to contest a Will. Feeling unsatisfied with your share of the inheritance is not grounds to challenge a Will.

The top reasons for challenging a Will include:

  • Presence of a new Will – the presence of a new Will than an old probated one is one legal reason to challenge it. The confusion created by the new Will to a previous one is enough grounds to contest it.
  • Testator’s mental incapacity – There are three things that a testator needs to understand while executing a Will: 1) To whom and what they are giving; 2) understand the value of their properties and assets; 3) know their natural heirs. A Will can be contested when a testator was not able to understand these three important things.
  • A Will that did not meet the requirements of the State – A Will has to meet the requirements of the state it was executed in. A Will is considered invalid if it does not meet state requirements. For instance, some states may require three witnesses while two witnesses work with other states. The Will should also meet the state requirements of the testator’s residence. A Will written in another state other than the residence of the testator might make it invalid.
  • Forgery, fraud, or undue influence – A testator making a Will under duress or made to sign a Will through trickery, or a Will showing a forged signature are ample grounds for contesting it.

One of the most stressful legal issues many people have is how to contest a will in Brisbane. Grieving for the loss of a loved one is aggravated when his/her will is not fair to the rightful heirs.

How Can I Benefit From Hiring Intellectual Property Lawyers In Melbourne?

As a business owner, you have so many duties, and when you fail in one of them, you can mess up your business.  It can be very challenging for you to handle all the duties you have in the business, but they are equally important. For this reason, it is usually essential for you to outsource professional help so that professionals can handle the areas you cannot handle.   Intellectual property lawyers are among the professionals you may need in your business to get all the help you need to protect your business.

How can intellectual property lawyers help you in business

Suppose you still doubt that it is essential to have your intellectual property lawyers in business. In that case, the following are some of the ways your intellectual property lawyers can be helpful to you and your business.

Safeguarding intellectual property

Most of the business owners have complained about their intellectual property being infringed.  For this reason, you will want someone who can safeguard your intellectual property from infringement.  For this to be possible, it calls for keeping copyrights, patents, and trademarks up to date.  This can be a challenging task for any business owner, but it’s an area of specialisation for your intellectual property lawyers. They will also prevent people from unlawful use and reproducing of your intellectual property. If anyone tries to break the law, your intellectual property lawyers seek legal action for compensation or remedy for you.  This means that the one who has obtained any income from using your intellectual property illegally will face the court of law, and they must compensate you for what they have done.

Settling negotiations

Intellectual property lawyers in Melbourne are skilled in handling any negotiation agreements and settlements concerning your business. They are aware of strategies they can use to assist in contacting the people involved in any negotiations and help you come up with a reasonable settlement. Also, they can offer advice that can help you handle the settlement negotiations.

Conducting due diligence

Due diligence is essential for your business since it helps you assess the quality and quantity of the assets you own. This also helps in maximising the value of all your tangible assets boosting the business’s balance sheet. The best person to help you conduct due diligence for your business is an intellectual property lawyer.

Drafting business agreements

In Melbourne, intellectual property lawyers are qualified and experienced in drafting significant business agreements that you require when running your business.  These written agreements may include licensing agreements, deeds of transfer or assignment, and secret clauses for precaution measures. If you want to make the process of drafting important business agreements, then you should seek intellectual property lawyers’ help.

Interpret intellectual property law

The law is tough to understand, and unless you have spent years in a law school, it may be challenging for you to know all your rights and even the laws and regulations to follow when you are in business. Therefore, you will need someone who understands intellectual property law to help you in your business. In this case, you cannot do without intellectual property lawyers.

Hiring the best intellectual property lawyers

Whenever you require intellectual property lawyers, you should do all it takes to have the best ones. With the high number of intellectual property lawyers in Melbourne, there is so much that you need to do since it may be hard for you to get a great intellectual property lawyer. However, when you are committed and research adequately when looking for these lawyers, you will get the best ones for your business. Call Taurus Legal if you want the best to work for you.

How Graphic Design Help Businesses Grow

Does the visual identity or appearance of your business brand need an update or a change? Graphic design offers the perfect solution when your business brand needs to solve an issue or put across a great message.

Fulfilling the vision of your business is achieved when you know the differences between the various kinds of graphic design.

Read on to find out how graphic design can help businesses. Every product you consume, eat, and drink nowadays uses graphic design. Graphic design is the perfect way to deliver the message businesses want to communicate with their customers.

The Different Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design plays an important role when it comes to advertising the brand of a business. Understanding the different types of graphic design helps to use the one to successfully promote your brand.

Advertising and marketing graphic design

The decision process of consumers towards a business can be guided by the use of successful marketing and advertising. The customer’s perceived issue, wants, awareness, needs, and satisfaction need to be engaged with the services, product, or assets of a company or business.

Graphic design is the best marketing strategy when it comes to successfully launch a service or product offered by any business. The wide variety of advertising and marketing graphic design strategies include:

  • Images for blogs and websites
  • Postcards
  • Digital and print brochures
  • Templates for email marketing
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Graphics, banners, and social media ads
  • Trade show displays
  • Billboards
  • Ads in newspapers and magazines
  • Digital presentations
  • Infographics
  • Flyers
  • Menus
  • Banners
  • Posters

The print was almost the exclusive form of advertising and marketing in past years. Today’s broad access to social media platforms brought on by the internet has created a need for businesses to establish a strong online presence.

Brand identity or visual identity graphic design

The brand’s face can be successfully launched by using colour, images, and shapes of visual identity graphic design. The relationship between the consumers and a business can be successfully conveyed with the proper brand identity.

The multiple ways graphic design helps to establish a brand identity include:

  • Establish brand consistency by using style guides
  • Logos
  • Research image libraries
  • Use the right type of typography
  • Colour palettes

All of the above graphic design creation helps to establish a company’s formation, to include:

  • Signage
  • Business cards
  • Publications
  • Advertising
  • Stationary

Being recognised by all media types is the way to successfully launch a brand identity campaign.

EGD or Environmental graphic design

Industrial, graphic, landscape, interior, and architectural designs are the disciplines that can successfully convey the location to consumers. The experience of a wide variety of consumers is enhanced by using EGD or environmental graphic design.

The various ways of using EGD include:

  • Public transportation
  • Store interiors
  • Fairs
  • Office buildings and spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Murals
  • Event spaces
  • Markets
  • Exhibitions
  • Stadiums
  • Airports

Putting a well-timed and well-placed landmark or signage to help or recommend consumers the best places to go is the way EGD helps businesses. The experience of consumers is further enhanced with the informative, navigable, and engaging marketing strategy used by EGD.

The right graphic design helps to fulfil the vision of any type of business. Knowing the different types of graphic design ensures getting the one suitable for your business.

What you can learn at women in leadership course

There is enough research out there to prove that women leaders bring about unique characteristics and capabilities to any leadership challenge which they might face. However there are still some organisations who have devoted time and expense by implementing women’s leadership development programs. It has been observed that women who participate in these programs come up with innovative management practices and are able to outperform the competition.

Benefits of women in leadership courses

  • A company which is able to overcome the gender gap and makes effort to retain their female talent is always better prepared. They are at a higher advantage of choosing from a larger pool of emerging leaders.
  • Women when placed in top leadership positions often tend to out do the competition. They are known to come up with innovative ideas because of the different perspective that they hold. This allows for team members who are able to contribute new ideas.
  • An organisation where both men and women are equal in leadership roles tends to be more organised. They also have an increase sale and fuelled growth. Inclusive companies tend to do better then an organisation where women are not given enough importance.
  • Also a company that emphasizes an equal opportunity is able to attract the best talent and is also able to motivate qualified individuals to do their work. Women leadership development programs are seen as opportunities by many women leaders today. This is because they want to work for a company which invests in developing future women leaders.

Women’s leadership course teaches necessary leadership skills which they can match with the challenges which they would face as being heads in the organisation. It also helps them enhance their influence within the company. They are able to have a more sophisticated understanding of the market and the financial sector. At these leadership courses women are prepared to set goals and evaluate themselves and also motivate the team to do better.

Then there is also the art of learning negotiations. Such programs can help polish a number of skills which include strategic planning, performance management, emotional intelligence and communication skills. It is important to develop all leaders irrespective of the fact that whether they are male or female. However as an organisation tends to grow it should not forget that there is a whole lot of diversity between the genders and it needs to be addressed separately. Leadership program are all good but a program which focuses on women development has many benefits for the company.

Such programs aim to give women leaders a clarity on the importance of being a great leader. It helps them develop their own personal leadership. These programs are usually designed for women in the middle management and leadership experience. Any company which invest in its future talent often see the results in a few years time only. There is no need to recruit someone outside the company when there are capable women in leadership potential that can fill up the spot..

What are your legal rights during divorce

Divorce is never easy. It feels like losing a part of yourself in the middle of chaos. Your life comes crumbling apart right in front of you. And while you know it is the right thing to walk away, there are some legal rights given to you by the State that might protect you and give you some security during this process. Below mentioned are some of those rights.

The rights of children

Children most often become victims of the collateral damage of divorce. In event of divorce the sole point of consideration is to protect the interest of the children. Both financial front and emotional. It is perturbing that distracted relations do not reconcile to save the children, No parent wants to compromise on the relationship they have with their children. Some might argue that divorce affects the intensity of that relationship.Parents are the natural guardian . The state, however, has given equal rights to both.They can maintain independent relations with their children.Law does not place any restriction on the meeting of the parents with their children. No parent has the power to restrict the other from seeing their children. Children don’t need financial resources only. Physical presence of the parents and different outings are required for grooming and confidence building of the children. There are certain restraints on the radius of movement. It is important to know what boundaries are to be maintained.The courts of wards assume the role of custodian so they are to be taken on board for every movement.


None of the parties should act aggressively. It is the decision of the court to determine the legitimacy of the claim. In event of divorce the properties are neither to be concealed nor the interest in the properties are to be hampered.. Bank accounts and other liquid assets should also be placed on record so that it does not indicate any malicious design to cheat on termination of a relationship.

Distribution of Debts

Credit cards and institutional borrowings are used for creation of assets along with disclosure of assets disclosure of liabilities is also important. It is the discretion of the court to determine the extent of liability each party has to foot in. All documents in support of borrowings should also be placed on record.

Grounds of Divorce

The grounds of divorce are to be carefully developed. Due care should be taken in framing the reasons of divorce. Neither false allegations be framed nor character assassination be done.It may cast a negative impact on the children.
Procedure to be followed for divorce should be in accordance with the marital laws. Communication should be done through adelaide divorce lawyers representing each party. Compliance to the procedure will save from delay in quick disposal of the procedure.


Ethical values are vital to be followed on the termination of relationships. Dignity maintained in the process results in softening the after effects of a debacle to the family. It should always be kept in mind that divorce does not give an end to the obligation of the parenthood.

Lawyers: those in crisis will be able to adhere to the balance and excerpt

We are hearing a lot about this balance and excerpt, but what is it about? In practice it is a sort of settlement offer that is offered in the event of economic difficulties to a debtor who for this reason is no longer able to fulfill the regular payments of a loan.

This formula is mainly implemented between banks and debtors, but also some private individuals or professionals can adopt it for their debts, obviously if both parties agree, but this is another topic.

The balance and excerpt is a good-natured agreement between the parties , between creditor and debtor, which agree on a reduced compensation compared to the original amount to be paid.

Ultimately, therefore, it is a means of meeting today’s economic difficulties, and in any case also ascertained by lawyers and freelancers, certainly not spared by the modern economic crisis.

Not only that, this agreement also allows creditors to recover part of the debt, even if less than the amount originally agreed, in the face of the fact that these often remain with a handful of flies .

The only constraint is the balance of the debt, which will be extinguished immediately and only in this way will the individual’s debt position be eliminated through an excerpt . Finally, according to experts, the balance and excerpt is a real transaction and not a contract , as it is often incorrectly defined.

What are, more specifically, all the advantages of the balance and excerpt for debtors and creditors?

Undoubtedly the choice of this payment formula is above all practical and also allows those with economic problems to pay off the loan in a good-natured way.

In particular, the debtor’s own advantages and benefits are also linked to the amount to be repaid, which is lower with the balance and excerpt than that agreed upon when the loan, mortgage or loan was stipulated.

The reduction can even reach 30% or 40% of the total amount : a considerable reduction and above all easier to return for those in economic difficulty.

It is also possible to agree with the creditor and to plan a deferred compensation in tot installments, obviously if both parties agree.

The creditor, on the other hand, benefits from it as he can instantly cash a considerable amount, even if not the one originally agreed and avoids taking legal action.

In the latter case, you will avoid expenses for initiating a proceeding and a case, or even just to seek advice from one of your fellow lawyers.

Losing clients as a lawyer: mistakes that make you go up in smoke

The profession of lawyer is certainly comparable, in some respects, to that of the doctor.

Before being able to make a diagnosis, the doctor must necessarily listen carefully to the patient, analyzing the symptoms and only subsequently develop a possible diagnosis.

This phase, that is the preliminary to everything, it is essential to face it with empathy and predisposition.

You are a lawyer and your role in the world is to solve the legal problems of the people who have decided to turn to you. How do you think you can do it if you don’t pay attention to what your client’s problems are and what results he expects to achieve thanks to you?

“Empathy” is the first password: put yourself in the shoes of your client and try to understand his difficulties and expectations.

“Don’t get involved” is the second professional commandment: taking the right perspective is functional, wearing its feelings will cloud your judgment.

The customer is putting a piece of their life in your hand and is turning to you for advice and specialized assistance.

For this reason, he will feel safe in dealing with someone who inspires trust and competence.

On the contrary, he will feel in danger when he has the feeling of having entrusted himself to a charlatan.

All lawyers are freelancers, but not all of them are professional.

Professional is the lawyer who performs his duty in a workmanlike manner, according to all the traits that the circumstances impose.

Professionalism is an attitude that includes discretion, problem solving, punctuality, precision, correctness and above all responsibility.

To put it in more well-known words: “the lawyer must carry out his professional activity with independence, loyalty, correctness, probity, dignity, dignity, diligence and competence” (art.9 Code of Conduct).

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