How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Broken Mobile Phone Screen?

We all are guilty of breaking our phone screens even when we try to be as careful as possible. This usually happens by dropping it repeatedly or without a phone case or added screen protection. Since this is a somewhat prevalent thing, it would be good to know where you can go and who you […]

How Graphic Design Help Businesses Grow

Does the visual identity or appearance of your business brand need an update or a change? Graphic design offers the perfect solution when your business brand needs to solve an issue or put across a great message. Fulfilling the vision of your business is achieved when you know the differences between the various kinds of […]

What you can learn at women in leadership course

There is enough research out there to prove that women leaders bring about unique characteristics and capabilities to any leadership challenge which they might face. However there are still some organisations who have devoted time and expense by implementing women’s leadership development programs. It has been observed that women who participate in these programs come […]

What are your legal rights during divorce

Divorce is never easy. It feels like losing a part of yourself in the middle of chaos. Your life comes crumbling apart right in front of you. And while you know it is the right thing to walk away, there are some legal rights given to you by the State that might protect you and […]

Losing clients as a lawyer: mistakes that make you go up in smoke

The profession of lawyer is certainly comparable, in some respects, to that of the doctor. Before being able to make a diagnosis, the doctor must necessarily listen carefully to the patient, analyzing the symptoms and only subsequently develop a possible diagnosis. This phase, that is the preliminary to everything, it is essential to face it […]