How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Broken Mobile Phone Screen?

We all are guilty of breaking our phone screens even when we try to be as careful as possible. This usually happens by dropping it repeatedly or without a phone case or added screen protection. Since this is a somewhat prevalent thing, it would be good to know where you can go and who you can call in Australia to get the job done correctly. Mobile phone stores are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as more people realise the benefits of going instead replacing devices or dealing with their broken screens.

Here’s the breakdown:

When an element causes your phone screen to break, you either replace your phone (a costly decision), or you deal with a broken screen for some time until you have enough money to replace your phone (still a costly decision). So, what’s the more affordable and wiser alternative?

By finding a local repair shop, you save yourself a lot of time, money, and trouble.

The benefits of a mobile phone repair shop

·                     Quick, easy repairs that solve your problems in sometimes a matter of an hour or two

·                     Warranties that guarantee your coverage if the problem occurs again within a set amount of time

·                     Affordable prices that beat the price of purchasing a new phone or the headache of dealing with the issues for prolonged periods

Qualities You Should Consider in a Repair Shop

Every repair shop is different, so it’s important to do all your research before settling – especially since your money and time will be invested into whatever shop you consider. For instance, does the repair shop have good or bad reviews? Are the customers satisfied or displeased? You can answer these questions with a quick internet search. If the repair shop you’re interested in doesn’t have any reviews, you might consider skipping it since you won’t have any data.

The next thing you should always ensure is that the repair shop you choose works quickly and efficiently since your phone is pretty important and you’ll need it back as soon as possible. Most places will offer same-day returns as short as a few hours. This is what you should go for!

A good repair shop will be able to answer all your questions give you the reassurance of the repair that needs to be done. Keep in mind that you should never need to provide personal information to the staff members, including passwords to your phone (which isn’t required when it comes to repairing a broken screen). If your password is asked for, you should always question why and type the password yourself.

 The repair price should be affordable; otherwise, what’s the point? You’re choosing a repair shop because the other alternative is purchasing a new phone, so make sure to find out the numbers before taking your mobile phone in to ensure they fit your budget. Different shops also offer different warranties, so it’s a good idea to check in with that to go to the repair store that provides the highest warranties.

Always do your research and ensure that you feel comfortable with the repair shop that you choose. In the long run, paying for the repair and any warranties will save you from the unnecessary and pricy costs of purchasing a new phone. We recommend Melbourne’s biggest mobile phone repair shop, PTC.

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