Losing clients as a lawyer: mistakes that make you go up in smoke

The profession of lawyer is certainly comparable, in some respects, to that of the doctor.

Before being able to make a diagnosis, the doctor must necessarily listen carefully to the patient, analyzing the symptoms and only subsequently develop a possible diagnosis.

This phase, that is the preliminary to everything, it is essential to face it with empathy and predisposition.

You are a lawyer and your role in the world is to solve the legal problems of the people who have decided to turn to you. How do you think you can do it if you don’t pay attention to what your client’s problems are and what results he expects to achieve thanks to you?

“Empathy” is the first password: put yourself in the shoes of your client and try to understand his difficulties and expectations.

“Don’t get involved” is the second professional commandment: taking the right perspective is functional, wearing its feelings will cloud your judgment.

The customer is putting a piece of their life in your hand and is turning to you for advice and specialized assistance.

For this reason, he will feel safe in dealing with someone who inspires trust and competence.

On the contrary, he will feel in danger when he has the feeling of having entrusted himself to a charlatan.

All lawyers are freelancers, but not all of them are professional.

Professional is the lawyer who performs his duty in a workmanlike manner, according to all the traits that the circumstances impose.

Professionalism is an attitude that includes discretion, problem solving, punctuality, precision, correctness and above all responsibility.

To put it in more well-known words: “the lawyer must carry out his professional activity with independence, loyalty, correctness, probity, dignity, dignity, diligence and competence” (art.9 Code of Conduct).

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